Hayswood Nature Reserve

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State Road 135, south of Corydon


755 Hwy 135 NW
Corydon, IN 47112  

Hayswood Nature Reserve


The Hayswood Nature Reserve is really two parks in one. All together, park acreage totals 311 acres.

A Wooded Retreat

In keeping with the wishes of donor Dr. Samuel Hays, the 130 acres of Hayswood bounded by Big Indian Creek is a nature conservancy. Because the mission of this part of the park to preserve nature, you will notice differences from other parks. You will find no electric or telephone in the conservancy. Also, you will not see any of the following:

  • Lumbering Activity
  • Use of ATVs
  • Hunting
  • Trapping
  • Harvesting of natural grown vegetation.

However, you will find several nature trails, wildlife projects, birdhouses, and many other nature friendly practices.

A Recreation Retreat

The recreational portion of Hayswood consists of 181 acres of which half is wooded and half is open for recreation facilities.

  • Three Shelter Houses
  • Modern Restroom Facility
  • Small Lake with a Handicap Accessible Fishing Pier
  • Walking Trails
  • Three Playgrounds
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Picnic Areas
  • Open Spaces for Recreational Use
Multi Use

There are several areas in the recreational section that are open for multiple uses like softball, football, volleyball, or baseball. These are not permanently marked fields, but are open grassed areas for an informal game.

It is the current policy of the Parks Board to not allow yard sales or sale of unauthorized goods within the Nature Reserve.




Hayswood Nature Reserve was donated to the citizens of Harrison County in 1969 by Dr. Samuel P. Hays. It contains 311 acres of natural beauty.

Nature Preserve

In 1973, a portion of the land was developed by the Parks Department and the remaining area was preserved in it’s natural state which has remained unchanged to this day. While all of the park is open to the public, the nature reserve area is kept free of development, maintaining Dr. Hays dream of natural preservation.

Civil War History

The park property is as rich in history as it is in nature. The property was once owned by Henry L. Fabrique, who constructed a mill along the curve of Indian Creek in 1820. The mill was later sold to John Mauck who continued to operate the mill until the 1920’s. The mill was one of many threatened by Confederate General John Hunt Morgan during his famous raid into Corydon.

Park Activities

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