The Hubbard House

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The Hubbard House

A Historical Treasure

A History Buff Stopping Point

The Harrison County Parks has added a historical treasure in New Salisbury. Situated just off SR 135 at the corner of old SR 135, the old Hubbard family log cabin will eventually be a stopping point for history buffs tracing the General John Hunt Morgan trail.

The cabin still sits in the same spot where it was built between 1837 and 1843. The age of the structure alone merits preservation. However, it’s role in Morgan’s Raid is of most historic significance.



Morgan’s Raid

Following the Battle of Corydon on July 9th, 1863, Morgan and his raiders traveled north and spent the night in the New Salisbury area. Morgan was said to have spent the night in the cabin. Writings from members of the Hubbard and Deweese families indicate that Nancy Jane Hubbard and Evaline Hubbard cooked all night for the raiders. While the food was being prepared, Morgan’s men waited outside and ate in shifts. Stories passed down relate that the food cooked was stolen by the raider’s from Harrison County farms and homes.

Donated by a Church

The cabin was continually occupied until sometime in the mid 1960’s. William and Geneva Sieveking bought and repaired the cabin in the early 1980s. The cabin was later purchased by the church in 1998.

The New Salisbury United Methodist Church donated the cabin and also contributed to a restoration fund. Stabilization was and still is the first priority with the cabin.