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Morvin's Landing

Once Just a Dream

Morvin’s Landing has been a dream of the Parks Board since 1970. In 2015, this dream was brought to the brink of reality. Construction of the Morvin’s Landing boat ramp began in June 2018. Completion is expected in late fall 2018.

The Boat Ramp

Once completed, Morvin’s Landing will provide access for recreation boaters and emergency vehicles on the Indiana side of the river. The boat ramp at Morvin’s Landing will be the only viable ramp within 47 miles on the Indiana side of the river. Currently, emergency personnel have to drive over the Brandenburg Bridge to the Kentucky side of the river to access the waterway via roads which do not accommodate their boats and vehicles.

The Nature Preserve

The proposed Morvin’s Landing Nature Preserve is a historic 93 acre tract of land located in a rural area of Harrison County. The property borders the Ohio River, two miles east of the town of Mauckport on State Hwy 11. A county road, Morvin’s Landing Road, runs through the property and terminates at the Ohio River. This was formerly the access road for the Ferry to Brandenburg, Ky. This ferry operated until 1966 when a bridge was completed linking Mauckport, In to Brandenburg, Ky.



Once a Thriving River Port

The property is the site of the historic town of Morvin. Established in 1811, it was a thriving river port community and ferry site for crossing the Ohio River. This town was a strategic point for slaves using the Underground Railroad to cross the Ohio River from the south to the north.

Then War

It is most notable as the location where General John Hunt Morgan and his Morgan’s Raiders crossed the Ohio River into Indiana and began their foray into the northern territory. This was July 9th, 1863. The last remaining structures of the town of Morvin were destroyed by Morgan’s cannon fire and one of the two steamboats used by Morgan to cross the river, the Alice Dean, was scuttled just downriver from the property. This site is part of the John Hunt Morgan Trail which as been identified by the Civil War Trust as a historic battlefield.

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